NotTA stands for Notional Transfer Apparatus.  NotTA is the only device in existence that can transport more than person from any foldspace ascension point to any other ascension point. Ascension Gates can transport more than one person, but they are limited to one spot in each reality and require large amounts of energy. NotTA can go anywhere at any time (if she’s recovered from travel).    The Olympians want NotTA for their own ends and Ulysses wants to make sure they don’t get their hands on his creation. NotTA is disguised as a Victorian style antiques store named Odyssey Antiques. The front room is filled with ever changing items that seem to mimic the world that Ulysses King and his fellow travelers visit. The cash register and counter are actually the control consoles and a pull on the register’s lever sends our heroes hurtling through foldspace.  Behind the cleverly disguised front room, are the living quarters, laboratories, and areas still undiscovered by Pandora, Crystal, or Jake.