The Darwinists: Chancellor Marcus Darwin is the leader of the Darwinists.  A former student of Ulysses King’s he’s now the chancellor of the university on Olympus. In reality, he’s the most powerful man in all of reality, though the Carnifex might disagree. His belief is that the other worlds need to be toughened up to protect them from the threats of his own kind and those from other worlds. 
While Darwin’s purpose of making the inhabitants evolve into the best they can be seems contradictory since the Olympians archive (or freeze) worlds that reach Ascension technology, he’s an academic and he wants to test various theories of what improves a race so that he can implement them with the Olympians.  Ulysses also wonders if he has an ulterior motive.

He killed the previous Crystal Lee and tried to kill the current Crystal Lee. Needless to say Crystal isn’t fond of him. Pandora also hates him for creating the arena world. Marcus Darwin sees Pandora as a success and occasionally tries to recruit her back to his side. 

The Controllers: The Controllers are a vast army of dimension-invading undead cyborgs, raiding world after world for raw materials, technology, and prisoners whose corpses can be used to spawn more Controllers. Their ideology is based upon the idea that they are the pinnacle of creation and that all other things should be subordinate to them - under their control.  Dead and unchanging is the ultimate form of Order, and therefore the Controllers' definition of perfection.  If only everything and everybody was dead - and not just dead but dead like them - then the universe would be complete.

The Controllers are composite creatures with armored black metal robot lower bodies reminiscent of a cockroach and a rotting human upper torsos (affixed like a centaur) augmented by bionics. The robot shell generates a protective forcefield and carries laser and taser weaponry. The Controllers can scuttle across walls and ceilings as well as floors. They are intelligent and individual, but adhere to a strict chain of command.

The Helpers: Deianeira Queen is the leader of the Helpers. They have a worldview that individuality is a problem and they know what’s best for others.  They are essentially an Olympian cult. You join, you subscribe to their ultra-socialist rhetoric, and you forsake family and possessions for the good of the Commonweal. If you're an absolute fanatic you can even forsake your individuality and become one of the ShareMind, gaining collective psychic power to help shape the world around you in line with the Helpers' ideals. 

The Hedonists: Led by Senator Lucretius Wolfe. He’s from a wealthy family on Olympus and has decided to use his wealth and power to enjoy himself and to help his friends do the same.  There is no motive other than fun for these guys. His daughter Mattingly had a relationship with Ulysses thousands of years ago. They’ve since grown apart as Mattingly has joined in her father.

All the Hedonists care about is fun and games. The other realities are their playthings. Lucretius, his daughter Mattingly, and his son Tiberius are a constant thorn in Ulysses’ side. When something strikes their fancy, they travel through foldspace and let loose with the fun.