Pandora: Pandora, or more accurately, Pandora 21, comes from an arena world created by Marcus Darwin. On her world, you earned your rank by fighting for your spot. Of the thousands of Pandoras raised from her genetic strand she was the twenty-first most deadly. She was the first to join with Professor King. She’s a deadly warrior and has a very dark sense of humor. Not everyone gets her jokes, but she doesn’t care as long as she finds it amusing. She believes Jake and Crystal are too soft and need to be toughened up if they are to survive their adventures. Unfortunately for them, she has taken it upon herself to make them stronger. While she won’t admit it, she has a survival of the fittest mentality from her upbringing.  Pandora believes in the philosophy of living your life to the fullest. She knows life can end quickly, based on her experiences on the arena world, so she likes to fight and isn’t afraid to indulge in whatever pleasures she can find. 

Dr. Crystal Lee: Torn from her world against her will, Crystal is a reluctant traveler. Going home means a death sentence. Darwin set things in motion to have her killed to keep Ulysses King and Pandora busy while he performed one of his experiments. While Crystal realizes she can’t go home, she isn’t happy about the situation. What she doesn’t know is that an alternate Crystal Lee had traveled with Professor King and Pandora prior to Darwin ruining her life. She’s an accomplished physics professor and is very useful when it comes to creating gadgets to fight the menaces they face. A little on the short side (she’s only  a little over 5” tall), a bit of a prude, but she’s not one to shy away from a challenge.

Jake Gannon: While on his way to interview Dr. Crystal Lee, Jake got caught up in an adventure he didn’t understand. His life was a wreck prior to his adventures with Ulysses King. Divorced, loss of status at work, and drinking a bit too much, Jake Gannon had bottomed out. At first he thought this would make for a great story, now he’s along for the ride to save these realities from King’s fellow Olympians. Jake has a strong moral compass and gives Ulysses grief over the Olympian’s views. Jake is often the butt of jokes and he’s self-conscious about his appearance (middle aged, graying, portly, and short).  He’s been known to make awkward attempts to flirt.